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#188873 - Other worms outside started to spit enough sticky spit around their hands to glue them together, the neuronal worms made them give each other a French kiss while doing this, other worms spit enough around their mouths to make sure they would give each other and eternal kiss. Not only his body had changed but also his DNA due to his corporal body change, the alien worms rewrote his genetic material now his sperm cells were slightly larger, their tail and head had become bigger containing the modified genetic information for future offsprings but now they also contained more nutrients and vitamins making the cells stronger, healthier, faster, resilient and tastier for later consumption, now the worms were going to be tougher and healthier. Once it started to hurt, he stopped cumming at the end Sebastian and the girl were shaking uncontrollably they had had a strong orgasm, the worms gave them some time to recover, in the meantime, the neuronal worm inside Sebastian made him produce

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