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#392481 - I stretched my hand down to caress her butt then worked my hand under her panties and began to stroke her anus which caused her to shiver. She sat straight up on my legs which caused my finger to slip from her. After many delightful minutes of hot sensual foreplay she erupted “Take me now Dylan! I need to –- oh, –-- Oh -- I need to – “, I pressed on her clit, she arched her back and her thighs vibrated, “Ahhh!” I pulled my hips back until the end of my erection was poised to penetrate her, she looked between us, grabbed my ass then pulled me down.

Read Gaypawn 清楚妻がハイスぺチンポで堕ちるわけないっ! - Original Tgirl 清楚妻がハイスぺチンポで堕ちるわけないっ!

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