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#231289 - i don't know(?) i answerd don't worry, my mum caught me! he said what happend? i asked i got grounded then she gave me 'THE' Talk he answerd 'Dramaticly' god, thank god it was only you! i said why didn't you want the talk? he asked NO! i answerd you not going that easily then! he said why what you going to do then, i asked he looked at me and i looked at him, suddenly i grabbed a pillow and hit him with it and so did he, the pillow fight went on for ages, and then we got bored so i asked him if he wanted to go on the trampoline i have in my back garden, he agread and we ran, knowing it would be dark i put on the big light that is used to detect people if they go near our house, we jumped on the trampoline pushing eachother over every time we got up, we started breathing heavily and sat down still jumping on our bums slowly.

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