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#335572 - The cut manhood has the foreskin clipped so its velvet mushroom head is always visible and needs no prodding to come out of its “shell” Once my fingers are at the top of your cunt’s clef, you say, “Now don’t be so shy and allow your finger or fingers to probe a bit in their search for my “C” spot. Oh Jane as I dream of you being in my arms; this cock is throbbing feels the softness of your lips and the edge of your teeth as it probes the inside of your mouth’s upper roof. Actually I may have to have a few more glasses of water to insure there is a steady stream of pee into my briefs, and you will be able to view the light colored blue material become darker as it absorbs my piss.

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Jeanne darc
Wow what an ass x
Akari amano
Yeahhhh love milk
Naomi swann