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#267421 - You can't make me stay here, Quincy Davis spat at her mother while kicking and screaming all the way up the steps of the Northern States School for Girls!!! I can and you will, Joan Davis replied grimly while shoving her eighteen year old daughter through the front door towards the admitting office, and if I hear that you've given these people any trouble at all, I'll make damn sure that you'll wish you hadn't!!! Ha, Quincy fired back, if you don't think I won't be able to split this place, then you're fucking nuts!!! Just as Joan was about to reply to her daughter's insolent response, a tall matronly woman appeared from inside the admitting offices and said sternly, That will be the last time you use that kind of language at Northern States, young lady, I'm Harriett Taggert, the administrator of the school, she said while extending her to Mrs. Quincy was so far gone that even though her cunt was a burning cauldron of sexu

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