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#131018 - I am about 5’2” and I would not say that I am little but I would say I am about average. >Jimmy just tried to have sex with me!! >>> Oh my God WHAT DID HE DO!! >Okay I got up late on accident and my shower is out and I wanted to get there in time so I jumped in the shower with jimmy, I know stupid idea, but then he started touching me and I let him…(she cut me off) >>>Wait Jimmy started like what rubbing your boobs? Or ya kitty? >BOTH OMG!! I couldn’t help myself it felt good!! >>>THAT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! JIMMY IS FUCKED UP FOR WANTING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! >Not only that he came on me!! (she gasped) I KNOW he was jerking off behind me while I was washing my hair and while he was touching me though I couldn’t see him doing it so I didn’t know. He put turned sidewise and backed against the wall opposite the curtain and pulled one of my shoulders forward so I could get in front of him where the water was spraying (I don’t know if that’s the right word so for

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Shigeo kageyama
Wow 1 in 20 might even touch a dick here
Shou utsumi
Very cool hentai just watch and enjoy thank you very much 0