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Tight Pussy Porn S.N.T - Touhou project Fishnet

(紅楼夢8) [リーフジオメトリ (はきか)] S.N.T (東方Project) [中国翻訳]


Characters: Seiga kaku (45)
Categories: Doujinshi
27 pages - Uploaded
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#371577 - my kinky life- part 1 It all started the summer of '74 as i was nearing my birthday, I had already discovered i was bi and had regularly sucked my best friend and fucked a boy a year younger whom I knew from our milk delivery job which many teen boys in 70's did prior to school . I never revealed to anyone that I was bi nor kinky and had a pretty vanilla sex life apart from a year that we tried swinging which suddenly stopped with no explanation so back to vanilla it was I endured it only by a string of affairs and one night stands of which im not proud and I divorced in 2007 which is where i will start the second installment. I was in heaven I had a great job and a chance to explore more sexual acts with horses and I was fucking a local woman who was cheating on her husband, she was on camp to attend the disco or meat market as we lovingly called it that helped to keep my balls empty but i fingered mares regularly and held the stallions cock when i could .

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