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#272162 - She didn't text me for a few days and I started to get worried she would tell her mum an then she would tell my mum and I would get in trouble, so I txt her asking if she was ok she said yes she was fine she jus needed time to think, I said that was ok, I asked her to tell her friends the reason we wernt talking was because I asked her out and she said no, she agreed. I moved my hand up to her tummy and under her top stroking her till it found her breast, it felt so perky with a hard nipple I'd never ever seen a girls breast before let alone touch one and it felt so good I could tell she liked it to, her mum called up to her to do the washing up so she shouted she would be down soon, I carried on massaging her breast then figured I'd better leave before her mum got the hump, so I said I'd better go u need to wash up she said ye nd went downstairs to the kitchen I got my shoes on then went to say goo bye before I left, she was washing up, nd she was sniffling li

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