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#294 - I let them play, while I took a nice cock and watched, Stu was also being fucked, every one now getting into the stride of things, I had Skype on and saw my sister connecting with us, we said hello and she showed me Carol and Lee and a few other guys all naked and playing already, Pauline was on her kneee's with a cock in her butt when she said hello. At one time I told the guys to save thier cum up, as I wanted to give Kim and Stef a big cummy load, so after another hour or so, I said right, lets fill them up, so with both girls laying arse up on the floor, I made the guys fuck thier arse's and cum one after the other. Stu was fucking his sister as we kept our selfs busy, Sue came home and got ready joining us for some pre orgy fun.

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Akiko minase
You re not the only one at least you get them i haven t gotten one in 3 years
Haruya nagumo
Xxkatie 96 i will fuck the hell out of you
Always been a big fan of danielle flawless body and the best feet and toes you could ever ask for