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#321751 - Once inside, he pushed Blake into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, Okay you little slut, suck on this,” after pulling out one of the biggest cocks he had ever seen in his life!!! Sitting on the toilet put the big dick right at face level so it didn’t take much effort at all to open wide and let the big hammer slip into his now very hungry mouth!!! “You suck good for a bitch,” the stranger spat while Blake slurped and licked the beautiful erection for all he was worth!!! As long as he could remember Blake knew that he liked boys better than girls, and while he had fantasized about having a truly huge erection to play with, he was stunned at how quickly the events of the past few moments had given him the opportunity to fulfill his dream!!! The big stud leaned against the stall to maintain his balance and just as he was getting into it, Blake could feel the big prick tense up slightly, warning him that a cumsplosion was about to occur!!! While jerking the shaft wildly, Blak

Read Culona SxS H! ANOTHER - Yu-gi-oh arc-v Gordinha SxS H! ANOTHER

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