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#230680 - Walker and me, she questioned the young girl!?! Very much so, ma'am, Marie replied with her head down, I like very much serving both of you!!! Both Audra and Payton sat there beaming at their nineteen year old house guest, proud that such a beautiful young lady wanted to stay in their charge!!! Well, dear, Audra responded, you have been with us exactly one year as of today, and to say that we are happy with your service would be an understatement!! At this point Payton Walker interjected quietly, As you know, Mrs. Walker and I never were able to have children, and to be frank about it, you have become the daughter we never had!!! Hearing these two dear people speak of her in such loving terms, caused Marie's eyes to tear up as she thought of how wonderful they had been to her, and not only had they taken her into their home, they had taken her into their bed as well, making sure that she received all of the love and affection a young girl needed!!! So here she was

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