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#55182 - Since Vicky had now developed herself into my perfect girl by becoming submissive and putting on weight to be my pet pig l arrange for us to go on a trip to Las-Vagus the place was awesome, l also had another surprise for my sister. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed, we played cards which soon developed into a more adult card game, Vicky lost two games, so l said her forfeit was to kiss Syd, adding l was sure he wouldn’t mind as she had already sucked him off, he didn’t realise l knew and had been watching them, Syd gave a grin and began kissing Vicky and that was the end of the card game but the start of a great evening. All through our curry my tormenting sister was running her hand up the inside of my thighs then thankfully we finished the meal and left the restaurant.

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Yuzu koyama
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