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#295478 - Unfortunately, it was his niece Aline who happened to be within range. And pushing her forthwith into his closet, along with Thérèse, Colombe, and Fanny, the female elements of his quatrain, he probably did there, with them, what the Bishop had done to his niece, and discharged with the same episodes, for, as not long before they heard Aline's terrible scream, so now their ears were treated to another from the lips of Adelaide and the bawdy Duc's yells of lust. The Bishop, one of whose greatest uncomplex pleasures was to suck little boys' pricks, had been spending a few minutes playing this game with Hyacinthe, when all of a sudden he reared back and let out, not a shout, but a bubbling noise, for his mouth was full; his exclamation was interpreted thus: Ah, by God's balls, my friends, a pucelage! That's the first time this little rascal has discharged, I'm sure of it! And, truth to tell, no one had so far observed Hyacinthe carry things to that po

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