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#335673 - I said good for her, Megan said well we’re doing great by ourselves but I know mom misses having sex, Charlene yelled out Megan Jennifer, I said oh shit, your in for it now, she used your middle name, Megan said I’m sorry mom, just trying to help you out, she said well I’m quite capable of getting my own man thank you very much, I said well let’s eat, Charlene said good idea. Megan would come over after that almost everyday and want me to make love to her, she loved the way I felt inside her, we did this the entire summer and by winter, Charlene’s company she worked for was down sizing and she had to either find a new job or move to upper Texas near the Oklahoma border to the parent company to keep her job, so she choose to do that. I pulled myself out of bed, got into the shower and threw on some shorts and a shirt; I shaved some, and brushed my teeth and hair, not with the same brush though, ha, ha.

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Kano miyazawa
I wish i had her deep throat skills would love to take on that gigantic black monster