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#297022 - “You looked beautiful before, but now you’re stunning, I’ll bet you wouldn’t get many readers in the library reading books, if you went to work like that, now your drop dead gorgeous!” Between them they’d both had a wonderful evening, ending up at a Greek restaurant, in fact Giga was a little bit tidally towards the end, David noticed how she caught the eye of passing males as they walked, he put his arm around her waist pulling her to him, wanting to raise it up to her breast, Giga never battered and eyelid, feeling his hand up under arm as he slid it onto the side of her breast, kneading it with his fingers. He was at a lose, not knowing the town, she seemed as if she wanted it, but he’d not a clues as to where to go. “Sandy, for God’s sake!” “I’ll bet he makes those damp before the night’s out!” he laughed, running out into the hallway as their mother came into the room.

Read Dutch Futari de Orusuban - Fate stay night Grandpa Futari de Orusuban

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Junpei kousaka
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Sumire hoshino
Thank you