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Flashing Tenshi no Tawamure - Devilman Gay Solo

(HARUCC23) [清純派 (amam)] 天使の戯れ (デビルマン) [中国翻訳]


Parodies: Devilman (5)
Languages: Translated Chinese
Categories: Doujinshi
29 pages - Uploaded
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#233165 - He drew back just before it bumped into his throat and, quicker now, began to bob his head up and down on her length, his mouth travelling over the silkiness of her cock with ease now it was slick with his spit and her pre. His other hand, that until now had been, resting on her thigh moved down, finding it’s place cupping her sack, his fingers slipping under her heavy orbs to let them rest in the hot palm of his hand, his fingers gently moving and shifting, gently massaging them, admiring the pure softness of her smooth skin against his fingertips, idly, a corner of his mind wondered what it would be like to kiss, lick and suck on them, but with Lily currently dictating where and what his mouth was doing, it would be an experience for another time he reasoned. “Uunnff!” she exhaled between gritted teeth as her hips jerked upward, her grip tightening as he felt her cock grow steely hard between his fingers, falling still for a heartbeat before, in a tangible series of events, h

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