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#350873 - We asked Ron if he wanted to stop at our house for a drink as it was on his way, John got the drinks while Ron and I selected some music to play, I asked John if it was alright if Ron and I danced, he of course said its alright, it was now that Ron said I love the perfume of your hair, I asked was that the only thing he liked about me, he replied something like no I like everything about you I danced closer to Ron now than I did at the club and he got a full blown erection, other than that and a little chat about Ron saying he fancied me which I replied I know I can feel it, soon Ron left to go home and John and I made love, Sunday morning John and I set same rule=, Ron would have to wear a condom of course, I would not do any oral on Ron, no anal sex, I tried it once and didn't like it, at any time either of us could put a stop to it, never at any time would I have sex with Ron or anyone else without John being there, the same if we invited a w

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