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#303170 - By this time, Todd saw just how angry the three had made me and I think he feared for his life too! He explained softly, “There are two more DVDs, but we don’t have them. In the cage was a slow moving Orangutan, named Olaf sporting eighteen inches of long thick penis! It was such an oddity, that he had been measured by many! Todd paused the DVD and started explaining to me that he had told Stacy that this was not a real Orangutan, but a guy in a monkey suit and he would be fucking Stacy. Stacy was continuously vocal, saying for the guys to “cum in my ass” and to “fill my pussy with your cum!” Her favorite position seemed to be with two men, one in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time! I noticed that on the disc I got from Stacy’s luggage, that she was very quick to take the black guy’s cock in her mouth and suck it and right afterwards, she got him to cum in her unprotected pussy.

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