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#369407 - The internal cleaning done we lay naked, talking about tonight, Kerry still unsure but more than horny to try more guys than before, she told Lyn that sucking and being fucked by unknown guys on Wednesday night was strange but also turned her on, Lyn said wait till you have 3 or 4 guys or more trying to fuck you at the same time, things get really horny then. I knew some of the guys have been with us many times, and know what we get into, so when Kerry was having a few seconds rest, I took her, and nodded to the guys to follow to our spare bath room, Kerry not sure of what was going on, walked with me, but then as I lowered her down and held my cock in front of her face, a sly smile appeared, as my piss and a few other guys piss flowed over her. Kerry was kept busy all night, the guys loved her slim figure with c cup boobs, which look bigger on her small frame, late in the night she showed me her ass, it was wide open, and so much cum dripping out, so without saying anything,

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