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#47673 - I took her into the bathroom, sitting her down I aimed my cock at her mouth, my piss flowed as she took my cock into her mouth, swallowing some, then letting the flow run over her face and boobs, When I stopped, she took over, sitting above me, she let fly, her pee going all over my face and upper body as I tried to eat her pussy for her, we then took a nice relaxing shower. I got the laptop and opened up my site for meeting guys, showing Pauline some more guys in our area, sending of a few messages to the best ones, one she really liked was a dark guy, who lived some miles away, but was worth a try. I let her rest, then got her to fuck me again, using all the toys this time, she managed to get all three in me, my orgasm were going strong too, as she fucked me hard, the 10 inch vibe was in the strapon, the others she held, she was a good learner, giving me as much or more than I gave her, then just as quickly, she pulled them all out, and rammed her fist straight in, my b

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