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#403036 - “I can see you enjoyed yourself back at Sally’s, looks to me like you had a really nice orgasm, and I was wondering how that happened my dear” I said with a big smirk on my face. About ten minutes had passed when Jan entered our home office in the nude suggesting that she was going to bed and that I should join her, not realising that the Skype camera was still operational she reached over to kiss me good night in full view of Peter whom by this time had re-joined us. During the preceding weeks we continued to talk to Sally and Peter on Skype, and one evening I had been talking to Peter when he had to duck off to the kitchen but was intending to come back in five minutes, so I left Skype on and picked up the local paper for a quick read, Jan had taken herself off to the bathroom earlier suggesting that she wanted to have a shower and paint her nails before bed as she had a work lunch function to attend the next day.

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Boruto uzumaki
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So hot
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