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#318231 - “Now do as you were told - get over there at once, I can see the Major would like to play with you a bit, he is a nice man and we have to get his cock stiffened up again in order to fuck you!” Jasmine now hesitantly walked across to where I was seated, and as she slowly approached I could feel a delicious rush of lust coursing through my body and I greedily reached out to pull her in between my knees. And he may even want to put a hand up your skirt and feel your cunt!” As the Madam gave the blushing girl a gentle shove toward me, she instinctively covered her naked breasts with her hands, but Miss Lem quickly pulled them back down, saying sternly, “Now none of that, Jasmine, here - I will help cure your modesty!” - as she deftly removed the girl’s neckerchief and swiftly used it to tie her wrists behind her back. She admitted that it really ‘turned her crank’ when she could embarrass and humiliate a girl and rather liked to lay on the whip when any of them resisted her autho

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