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#54638 - Wow, they are so cute!” My hands over my cock in front, my rear exposed to probing hands and fingers…what to do? I let her play with my arse, that’s what I did, while I sucked in a breath and floated into a dream situation – which naturally led me to re-commence stroking myself. “Here, let me take care of that” my mother-in-law said, as she leaned forward, keeping one hand on my rear (noticeably closer to my crack I vaguely realized) and grasping my lengthened cock with her right hand, naturally having to encircle my waist, and thus pulling me a step backwards, closer to her. Her vagina, (ok: her pussy), was tight but still had vestiges of urine I guess which helped lubricate her a little, along with my wet cock, as she continued to strive for the bottom.

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