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#400396 - I tell her that we have a cook and a cleaning lady as well has people to take care of the outside although we both like to cook she says that she can’t cook Eric tells her that he will teach her if she wants to learn. I stand to leave when I congratulate him and he says thank I told him that I wanted to make it but I got tied up in Asia on business. I grab her by the arm and tell her that she needs to show that she is sorry to Nat and she ask me who is that and I slap her when she falls I kick her and tell her to get her sorry ass up when she does I punch her in the face as she falls back Nat pushes her forward by hitting her in the back of the head she is crying and begging as I continue to beat her I tell her that she has one more chance and I might let her go when she turns to Nat she says that she is sorry and I slap her again as I tell her that it was the last time that she will ever see her again I look over and see that the sharks are done with their meal and are ready for ano

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