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#383064 - i'm sitting in my room, looking at my reflection in the mirror as i apply my make-up, nothing to extravagant a little, pink blush on my cheeks, some light pink lipstick and black eyeliner. ooooh my god i scream loudly as my orgasm hits, falling forwards onto your chest, trapping your hands between our bodies as my hips bounce up and down rapidly, pumping your cock fast and hard into my pussy as i ride my orgasm, moaning and gasping loudly oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes baby, oh my god it feels amazing, i love you, i love you, i love you the words streaming out of my mouth faster than my mind can think of them i love you too baby, thank you, really, it means so much to me knowing you've given me the most precious gift you could as my orgasm subsides i slow my hips and look into your eyes, tears of joy streaming down my face and a huge grin, you grin back, knowing there's no need for words in this precious moment you roll me onto my back and kiss my neck, taki

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