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#261300 - “Damn you can bet every chance I get you and me are going to be joined at the crotch all summer!” ”In your dream while you being raped by Bubba in the upper bunk you asshole!” was her reply, as Mark got up off her. “Well Melinda you can forget about stabbing us while we’re stabbing you!” “Well guys if she can plot to knife us it must mean she’s ready to get down to some serious fucking!” Mark looking down at her, “You never did tell us where you want it first , pussy or ass?” Sinking down grabbing her right leg with his right hand, his cock with his left “So we’ll make the decision for you!” When his cock is hard he spreads her leg, settling in as Bill takes his place holding her both down and open. So guys since I had her mouth first, you her pussy! Looking at Mark “ Maybe we can let Aaron have her ass first! On the padding, Melinda shivers as she she waits their answer!.

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