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#58024 - Twenty years ago when she was a number one star, nothing like this would ever have taken place, Aldo would have been on the set and that would have been that! Now, however, as an aging star in her early sixties, Claudia was forced into doing B- scream flims that hardly ever made it into the theaters, but went directly to the video rental stores! She was lucky that some producers still used her, and she still commanded a fee of a quarter million dollars a picture, a far cry from her salad days, when she knocked down over two million per, but at least she was acting steadily and making a decent living. The second her mouth came in contact with it, her cunt did a flip flop, immediately drenching itself with sex juice! Claudia held on to the big pecker with two hands, slowly jerking it up and down while she eagerly sucked on the big head. A knock on the d?oor informed her that shooting was to start in ten minutes, so they both struggled to their feet and got dressed.

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