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#243495 - Julie returns with a small bag and we go off to the room. This is to keep you hard all evening I then will take your cock in my mouth to lubricate it and then tie up your balls They will be tied very tight so as to prevent sperm coming from your balls and into your cock so when you orgasm there will be no cum Then your cock and balls will be tied together so when you fuck Julie your balls feels the impact of you pounding into her cunt of whatever hole you are fucking You will be required to suck Julie off to orgasm before she will allow you to get up. I will take you in my mouth and your hands will stroke my cock both Julie & I suck you We will both kneel at the side of you and one hand will finger Julies bits and the other hand will finger mine You fuck Julie in the cunt Julie will lay on the bed and you will life her legs up and fuck her cunt while I fuck your arse You fuck Julie in the arse Julie will bend over the bed and you will fuck

Read Scissoring Hanayome no Shirube - Fate grand order Chile Hanayome no Shirube

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Takane enomoto
Why thank you
Kochou yoshida
I need a mistress to do this to me
Hikari kujou
Damn i would have been rock hard for her send her out to indiana so i can show her what a white guy can do thanks for the upload but bro get on your girl she deserves it