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#128174 - I’ve never been kissed like that before. He kept sliding in and out of me faster and faster while my heart raced and moaned louder and louder “ahhhhh AHH ohh OHHHH Jon OHHH JON UHHHH AHHHH” He pinned my arms to the bed turning me on even more and fucked me even harder as sweat ran down his body and dripped onto me. Haha, no all the GIRLS are over there tanning he pointed over behind us he's looking out in the pool at the GUYS there was a long pause like she either didn't get it or was in shock about the situation before Randy laughed and like a smart ass slowly said hee's gaaayyy oh my god she stood up jerks and pushed my friends into the pool and stormed away.

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Beautiful body
Muneakira yagyuu
Mmm so juicy blowjob
Than you bb