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#300115 - Actually I have had very few good experiences with guys. Being my 4th cum in about 2 hours it took me a little time but he didn’t complain and when I finally did unload in his ass he was pushing back against me as hard as I was fucking him and he basically dragged the cum out of me. First I want to preface this story by saying that this is absolutely true, this is my real first encounter with a guy.

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Wtf is this actually what kissing is
Omg this girl is so hot want to cum over her stocking feet
That look so tasty i want to eat her cum she even have a lovely nose wonders what her cum and nose taste like
Mmmm i want to lick this pussy too
Chitoge kirisaki
She looks better in the other hentais where she moves that sexy body in a sensual way leave the pounding for the others