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#74284 - I truely miss making love to you and all those kinky things we'd try, Something is really wrong with us and I'm about to break down and cry. He always bugged me about it everyday of our married life, How could eating pussy be something he wanted from his wife? After 13 years of this shit I had had quite enough, I stopped all the things he liked and even stopped shaving my muff. He said that there was no fucking way that he was going to suck on some guys cock, I told him to drop it then or continue sleeping with a rock! It wasn't long after that that our marriage came to an end, Because of his constant bugging me there was no way I would bend.

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Cody hida
Damn what a bitch
Porn parody perfection
Fujiko tsubomi
She got no walls lol
Mitsuru ashikawa
Dicken kuss melly