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#242560 - In a matter of moments several more men have done the same, but one of them has grabbed the back of her head, and then shoved his big black cock into her mouth, demanding she suck him and clean his cock as he slaps her face again! OMG ! Maya now feels hands on her bottom at first pinching squeezing and then pulling her ass cheeks apart followed by first one finger and then two and finally three as they forcefully stretch and find there way past her sphincter and into her virgin ass hole a place that has had only one other dick before! The pain of the rough fingers was not quite so horrible as she first imagines! She screams, mostly out of surprise! Her husband has never fucked her in the ass! Nor would he ever do such a thing to her?. All of this is unknown to Maya, but is where she will eventually end up several days from now! Continued in Chapter 2.

Read Gagging Kaiin Chouaku Milky Poplar - Original Tamil Kaiin Chouaku Milky Poplar

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Who is she
Noa ehn
Uuufff good blonde how sexy and also flexible
Sayuri suizenji
This gave me a derection
Junko hattori
Perfect camera angles