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#46885 - She asks if he has to get back quick he says he has a little time days are slower the nights and asks is that all the dare is supposed to be she says no that she is supposed to give him a blow job she tells him she does not care about the dare she will pay the bet but she really wants to give him a blow job he says but what if your husband finds out she say he won’t all the girls are doing it and she wanted to know how it felt ,he say he was honored so goes down you hear the zipper coming down she tells him he has a nice dick and she hope he enjoys it . She says well I am supposed to expose myself to the delivery driver is that ok . The actual fucking was less than 2 minutes but you could see Toni’s expression when he first enters it was priceless and also when he came so quick the look of disappointment ,but as it goes she did everything I asked we watched and listened to the video and recordings many time before and during our own love making sessions so it was a success.

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