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#24879 - We set a meet up for a Saturday night in 10 days time, telling Jan to tell Dave her and Joy were going clubbing and would stay at a friend’s house instead of driving home, so all was in place, Steve was keen to have another lady join us and would let the guys know, Joy told him it would be an all night thing with a breakfast the next day arranged too. With his cock now snug between her tits the horse started to pump her body, the flare now forcing its way into Jan’s stretched mouth, with all her might she held him from going in to far. When the guys had finished, I took them into the shower, with the guys help we cleaned up pretty quick, then Jan held my arm, pushed me down and stood over my face, I knew what she was going to do, as my mouth went closer to her pee hole she let loose, I drank what I could, as she shook her body spraying me all over with her pee.

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