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#265868 - Kim said she hoped to see Jerry fuck her too as she had told Steff who also wanted to watch her in action with Jerry. Again he touched my hand saying, I know how to use it, we will have to meet up, when I have a stay over in your home town, I repied I'd love to meet him, then the pictures of me taking Jerry came up, he nearly fainted, but was keen to see more, so I showed them all to him, he was by now sporting a good hard cock and having to move around in the seat, my hand went down and rubbed his cock, he looked and said that he liked it. The trip back to Australia, always seems to be longer than coming to the UK, so after we had dinner, and the aircraft was put into semi darkness for people to sleep, I got my laptop and camera down to download the pictures of my holiday, most of them of course was from my fun with my sister and the guys, as I had left the camera out for others to use when we played, as first Pauline didnt want her face in any pictures, by the end of

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