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#113182 - Well, Ben, said Erica Wilkins, this is a job that requires the utmost in discretion as well as, shall we say stamina! As you were told, this job pays rather well, up to two to three hundred dollars a day, now believe me when I tell you that you will earn every penny of it and sometimes feel underpaid! Ben listened to what Miss Wilkins was saying, but wondered what in the world he could possibly do to earn that kind of money and yet be under paid. Let me, said Miss Wilkins, as she reached out to slid off his shorts, allowing Ben's erection to pop free, standing up proudly under the watchful eye of his new boss. Ben, do you have any idea what we do here at Oasis, she asked? Well, Ben replied, it's a fat farm I guess, you know exercise and eight hundred calory per day diets, or something like that.

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