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#255489 - Brianna collected census information from each of the matriarchs, and began assigning quarters to the populace. I stuck my thumbs in her ass, and pried it apart, and her entire back wrenched into an arch, her mouth ceasing its meal so that she could bellow desperately into the puddle. “You are the son of the Froktora, not the Froktora himself! She is above you, and you must kneel in ceremony!” “Certiok, she killed my—” “Brock killed my father, and now I suck his son’s cock!” Certiok snarled, “And if he ever wants me to suck it again, he will kneel! There are bigger things at play now than your petty need for vengeance!” “Petty need for vengeance?!” I narrowed my eyes at Certiok.

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Wow this was a big turn on awesome job once again
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God bless sweden