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#266837 - Amy: Gee mum that was a loud clap of thunder outside Me: Yes it was Amy but don’t worry we are safe inside now Amy: I know mum it was just so loud it made me jump Me: It made me jump a bit too honey We continue to talk about her school and friends while we enjoy our bath. ladies and gentleman i have just received a call from base and they are saying a storm is heading this way in a few hours but not to worry too much as you will be home before it hits. Amy calls out from her mum’s bedroom, Amy: Mum is the bath ready yet? Me: Almost Amy why don’t you come in and it will be ready soon Amy: Ok mum i coming in now Amy opens the door to her mum’s bathroom and she sees all the bubbles in the water and she squeals Amy: Mum i love bubble thank you so much Me: It’s not a proper bath without the bubbles and the bath is now ready shall we get in Amy: Yes mum Amy and i both untie our bathrobes and lay them on the stools ready to put on later.

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