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#42602 - When we get down stairs we look at the mess we made the Chair we were fucking in is still soaked from sweat, come drinks that spilled our clothes are all over in every direction I grab the panties and can see they are both still soaked and tell them these are my souvenirs They can’t have them back they are mine! So Vera gets dressed sans panties Toni just stays in a robe and I have to give Vera a ride home ,Toni says don’t take too long she know I am going to try to get another piece on the way there ,I no sooner get in the car and Vera is pulling out my cock rubbing it getting it hard she starts to suck it and makes me pull over and just pulls aside her leg of her shorts and slips my cock in and starts fucking like a woman on a mission and comes so quick again she says she loves my cock it feels so good its big and fat just the way a cock should be, she stays on top and tells me to drive home its late there aren’t a lot of cars and she does not live far so I pull the car in drive and

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Shiho nagaoka
Hes got one of the nicest cocks ive seen in years fuck me its rock hard