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#344242 - She looked back at my over her shoulder, I saw a look in her eyes that I had never seen before and was puzzled by it. W took another shower and dressed, we had a bite to eat then she asked if I wanted to go out, “Where”? “Any where, I just need to get away to think” Shouldn’t you go on your own”? “No” we grabbed out coats as it was a little cool, and jumped in her car, she set off with no destination in mind. I told him Rachel had just gone for a shower and would be down shortly, we sat in the kitchen as I made a drink, a few minutes later /Rachel came down, they hugged and kissed, “You little stop out, Phil told me you got home late last night” “It wasn’t that late, I was home by half twelve” I left them alone, but I stayed near, I was wondering if Rachel; was going to tell him the wedding was off, and if he took this bad, she might need some help.

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